Why?…To Feel Alive

Its okay to believe that there is no can’t, wont, or impossible. Why is it I do what I am doing? To feel alive. To feel that raging fire inside of me. To see those goals in sight, and smash them, break them and to set new ones, driving myself to something even better. Never listen to what other people say about you. They see what you are doing and are afraid of your light. Your drive. Your goals. Your future. They are afraid of what you could become. Never be afraid to do the things you want to do and be the person who you want to be. People will always tell you no. Don’t listen. No is not in your vocabulary. I can’t is not in it either. Once you get rid of “No” and “Can’t” from your life, you have no limits. You are a machine. ”Can’t” is for people who believe that there is something such as the impossible. I am not one of those people. Neither are you.

Why do I do these things? Why do I write constantly? Why do I read more than I am supposed to? Why do I go to physical therapy? Why do I run when I could just sit? Why do I break myself down knowing that it will help build myself up? Why do I give up my favorite foods? Why do I lift till failure? Why do I do the things that I am deathly afraid to do? Why do I let go? Why do I sit in complete silence, dead still, envisioning the future I am about to go out and create? Why do I create it? Why?
Why do I put myself out there?Why work till I am dripping sweat?Why 5 more reps?Why any of this period?Why am I driven?Why do I make the decisions I do?Why against the grain?Why the harder path?Why the risk?Why the pain?Why divulge everything about myself?Why not just hide?Why?
Why dream versus fear?Why love?Why fail over and over again? Why smile?Why no revenge?Why care when you can hate?Why say you care?Why the patience?Why the blog?Why the blood, sweat, and tears?Why the struggle?Why the friends?Why?
Why remember the past?Why write about it?Why soak up the present?Why trust in the future?Why trust anyone?Why listen to myself?Why not just sleep?Why go past my comfort zone?Why write my goals on the wall?Why look in the mirror?Why do, what I think I cannot do?Why try the impossible?Why?
To Feel Alive.
Savor every second you have on this Earth. You never know when those seconds could be gone. Achieve your goals. Do the things you think you cannot do. But most importantly, never be afraid to dream. Never be afraid to go after what you believe in. If you have a goal. Go out and get it. Don’t make excuses for yourself that you aren’t this or that. Or that the timing isn’t right. The timing is never right. There is no perfect time to work on being the person you want to be. You have to just start now. Now is the second that is most important to you. No matter how many times people tell you no. No is only relative…and it only relates to what they can do. Not you. I say, give it your best shot, and let the chips fall where they may. Decide your future. Become legendary. Make your life happen…according to you.


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